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Le 8 January 2016, 15:37 dans Humeurs 0

The Fashion tips and tricks no one told you about incerely, I have never been head to toe into fashion, until a couple of years ago. I don't recall the exact moment when I decided fashion was a subject worth reading about, but I remember starting to care about it. Maybe because I grew up and I realized I have to wore clothes that make me look and feel the way I want to. Surely, I got into fashion because I wanted to create the personality that I wanted others to perceive in me. I thought how I wanted others to respond to me, to talk about me, to walk around me, or to love and hate me. That is why I started reading, revising and watching lots of bloggers and vloggers who has it altogether and those who seem to own a unique style. Online magazines were my next favorite place to indulge. The blogs and magazines and celebrities too, fuel my ideas constantly and teach me so much that I couldn't help but share with you.

After reading 20 or more bloggers and magazines, per day, I came up with a collection of fashion tricks and tips. There are tricks you knew, and there are those you did not realize. Not to worry though, I have got you covered.

Fashion tricks to make you look taller. There are some fashion steps you can take, little tricks, to make you look taller. Highheels is the obvious answer and they are certainly included in isabel marant sale this post. There are other fashion tricks, more friendly to your health than highheels. I know you have heard some of them, but a little revise never hurt anybody. Have a peek on these 'fashion, make me look taller!' tips. Maybe you will love incorporating them in your everyday clothing routine.

1. The Miniskirt this is something that does not feel like a trick because, well, everybody who wants to appear taller knows that they should wear miniskirts to give the impression of long legs. The trick is on choosing the right miniskirt. Do not opt for the one that hugs your thighs, but for that one that it's a little wider, elongating the legs and sharing the idea of a thigh gap, whether you have it or not.

2. The Highheels we would get here any way or another. So, the trick behind highheels is that not all of them will make you look like you have legs for miles. You should ditch the ones with those large ankle straps that seem like they cut your legs, giving the impression of short legs.

3. The Shirt do not choose to wear the boyshirt type ever. It does not do the trick for you. Instead choose wisely the shirts that end in your hipbone zone. The same trick goes for the jackets or cardigans.everyones skin and face. It is the color that reminds everyone of summer, so someone wearing white is someone who will be perceived as a good, generous person to others.

Yellow if you want to leave the impression of someone that is fun to be around, wear yellow. Very close to red, in the fashion world, yellow is perceived as the color who shouts: I am open to change. But, be careful not to go overboard with yellow, or you may come out as boring. A blouse, a bag or even a scarf would be enough of yellow for a day.

Pink who says feminine other than pink?

as for Black? Everybody know black is for the serious and for the funny one. Black is for the mysterious and for the openhearted. Black is always fashion, black is poetic. So, when in doubt wear Black, or Red if you are crushing a party. ;)

Jonghun 10 months ago

We are currently reintng while we build our dream home so all of my pretty Christmas decor is at the bottom of our storage unit. I borrowed an artifical tree and bought dollarama ornaments and the only other decor in the house was the oodles of paper snowflakes my kids made and hung from the ceiling. This has been the most stress free Christmas ever! I keep thinking that this should persuade me to whittle down my many tupperware bins but I know I'll be out next Oct/Nov/Dec buying more to make my new house sparkle.

isabel marant shoes online that are

Le 5 January 2016, 15:06 dans Humeurs 0

Wholesale Urban Wear Wholesale urban wear is the most popular type of clothing on the streets today. The preppy look went out a long time ago. If you want clothes that are fashionable and comfortable, look no further than urban wear.

Urban wear is the stylish, hip clothing that you see a lot of people wearing nowadays. It's practical for everyday wear and it also looks very cool, so you blend into hip situations well. You'll definitely be very pleased with your wardrobe if you fill your closet with urban wear.

You have a lot of options when it comes to urban wear. From beanie knit caps and mesh hats to zipped sweatshirts or hooded sweatshirts, there are many different types of urban wear. You can find the pieces of urban wear isabel marant shoes online that are perfect for you, encompassing your taste completely.

Many people initially think of the male gender when they think of urban wear. Girls also have a lot of choices in the urban wear department. From baby doll tshirts and dresses to girlie sweatshirts and hats, a girl can find great urban wear clothes to fit her body and her style nicely.

If you're a skateboarder or a snowboarder, then you most likely have some urban wear in your wardrobe already. Not only do these clothes look great but they are practical for many extreme sports. They are the perfect fit and style to allow you to turn tricks on your board.

Finding Wholesale Urban Wear You may be worried that urban wear is going to cost a fortune. You couldn't be more wrong. You don't have to drain your wallet to get your hands on the urban wear you want. If you shop for wholesale urban wear, you can undoubtedly save a bundle on your final purchase.

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Take some time to browse some sites online until you find one you really enjoy. You can price compare between various suppliers to ensure that you are getting competitive prices on the clothes you want. You'll love how easy it is to order online. Before you know it, your new urban wear will be delivered directly to your doorstep.